Store Card Debt FAQs

Store Card Debt

Can Store Credit Cards Build Credit?

If used correctly, Store credit cards can help you to build your credit rating. This does mean that you will need to manage the account and pay at least the minimum payment consistentlly. If you are careful, many stores will also reward you with discounts and promotions etc.

Credit Card Debt Help

Debt Advice – What Happens To Store Card Debt If A Retailer Goes Out Of Business?

With the so called ‘death of the high street’ and Coronavirus, there has never been a more troubling and challenging time for retail. What were once well established high street staples like Debenhams, BHS and Monsoon have found business so tough they have even had to close down. This can often mean that we find ourselves in a situation where we think we owe money to a business that has shut. What happens to our debt? Do I need to keep paying it off or will it simply be written off?

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