Clearpay is a Buy Now Pay Later service, allowing its consumers to spread the cost of any purchases over a fixed 6 weekly payment plan. This will be interest free, but you could incur charges if you miss any payments.


A relatively new feature of the high street or the online shopping experience, is the ability to Buy Now Pay Later. This allows customers to purchase items or services and pay the balance in instalments or in full at a later date.


Sounds good right?


Not always. Recent reports are showing that people are getting themselves tangled up into a cycle of debt. Like always, credit facilities used sensibly, can be incredibly useful, however for many, the temptation of spending money without the means to pay it back is too great. In fact, approximately 7.7 million people in the UK are thought to have amassed siginificant debt, totalling £4bn. Clearly, for many people, something is going wrong.


Take a look at our Buy Now Pay Later page to find out more.


If you are struggling to repay your LayBuy balance, or if you also have other debts that you are finding difficult to clear, you may also want to check some of our other articles and guides below.

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