Zilch is a business that offer its customers the ability to Buy Now Pay Later (BNPL). Marketing themselves as allowing you to never miss out, a marketing strategy that has drawn significant criticism, they offer an interest free credit facility, only charging your fees if you miss a repayment.


A relatively new feature of the high street or the online shopping experience, is the ability to Buy Now Pay Later. This allows customers to purchase items or services and pay the balance in instalments or in full at a later date.


Sounds good right?


But recent reports state that Zilch not only preys on your fear of missing out on, for example the next fashion craze or holiday offer, but includes offers that encourage its users to use their Zilch card to buy food.


Using BNPL facilities, especially with ever increasing living costs, is a slippery slope to becoming tangled up in a cycle of debt.


Take a look at our Buy Now Pay Later page to find out more.


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