What Happens If You Are In Persistent Debt?

Persistent Debt is when an individual has paid more in interest and fees than they have towards paying off the actual debt on their credit card, catalogue or store card in an 18 month period.


This can often happen if you have been consistently paying only the minimum amount for a long period of time.


If or when this occurs, your creditor should contact you to encourage you to clear your debt so that that it is gone within 18 months. If this is not possible, then you will often be contacted as follows:


After 27 Months


You will be contacted again by your creditor, encouraging you to deal with the debt.


After 36 Months


If your persistent debt remains, then your creditor should offer you a method of paying the debt within three to four years. This could be a payment plan that is affordable or a loan or credit card. If these options aren’t suitable to your circumstances, then your creditor may consider ceasing any interest or charges on your account.


At this stage, your credit history will almost certainly have been negatively affected.

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