You could write off up to 85% of your unaffordable debt
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What is Gambling Debt?

Can Gambing Debt Be Written Off?

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By knowing how much debt you owe, we can ensure we are able to offer you the most appropriate debt solution for your needs. Some debt solutions, like an IVA, require you to owe more than £5,000.

Gambling can be a vicious circle. As the addiction takes hold, more money is borrowed to cover the debts. The anxiety related to keeping on top of the debt then triggers more gambling. The good news is that, once you have your gambling under control, we can tell you how to get out of gambling debt.

Debt solutions can help you to solve the issue of debt, but it is important to seek help to reduce or stop your gambling. If you are struggling with gambling and its effects on your finances then take a look at our Gambling Debt page for help and advice on how to stop gambling and get out of debt!

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