What Happens If You Don’t Pay Utility Bills?

Utilities are essential to our way of live and we often take them for granted. But, if you’re faced with bills you can’t pay, then you may be faced with severe consequences including the frightening prospect of having one or more of your main utilities disconnected. As with most debts and arrears, swift action can help you to avoid most of the more serious repercussions.


The best place to start, is to find out the facts. Contact your utility provider and find out how much you owe. Be honest and tell them that you are struggling. Most companies will offer you help in the form of a payment plan. If you can’t come to a solution, then your provider may want to install a prepayment meter.


If you haven’t paid a bill for 28 days and you cannot come to an agreement then your provider can disconnect your supply. They will give you a minimum of seven days notice before they do this.


Some groups of people should not have their supply cut off including, families with children or pensioners. The largest providers will often not disconnect you if you have acute financial problems, long term health issues, a disability or young children.


To find out more, visit our Utility Bills Debt page.

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