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Why Do We Exist?

For many of us, debt is a ‘fact of life’, something we manage perfectly well on a daily or monthly basis, whether it’s a mortgage, car finance or any other loan or finance agreement. If it wasn’t for loans or finance, then many essential items and services would simply be unobtainable for most of us.


So debt in itself isn’t necessarily a bad thing.


However, there are other ‘facts of life’ that can turn this manageable situation into something stressful and frightening. At any point we are all in danger of having our lives changed: whether becoming unemployed; being made redundant; becoming ill; being placed on furlough or any other situation that suddenly causes your outgoings to be higher than your income.


Having your income suddenly reduce can cause all sorts of problems since many of the ‘credit’ services we sign up for e.g. mobile phones, TV services etc. are contracts that aren’t easy to get out of or are simply essential to our way of life.


Often, while we are readjusting our life to accommodate our reduced income, it can be easy to rack up thousands of pounds of debt.


That’s where we come in.

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What Do We Do?

First an foremost, here at IVA4ME we strive to offer you a free information service designed to provide you with current up to date information and advice around what you could do if you find yourself with unmanageable debt, whether it is secured, or unsecured. 


We also provide information regarding the various formal and informal debt solutions that are available to residents of the UK e.g. an Individual Voluntary Arrangement, Debt Relief Order or Debt Management Plan.


We believe that debt is something that needs to be tackled and that the single worse thing you can do if you are in debt is to ignore the problem. It really will only get worse if you do!


It is worth remembering that most business are legally obliged to assist you if your struggles are at an early stage and you are cooperative.


So, with this in mind, we also offer access to experienced debt advisors, who will be able to take you through the options that are best suited to your personal situation. 


Our pledge is that our advisors will never attempt to push you into a debt solution that isn’t right for you and that, if we cannot help you ourselves, we will always try and refer you to a debt charity like Stepchange or MoneyHelper.


If you are struggling with your debt and you would like some help, then fill in our simple form and one of our advisors will be in touch.

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