What Different Debt Solutions Are There?

No matter what your circumstances, or which part of the UK you live in, the is a debt recovery solution that will suit your needs. Click below to find out more.

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IVA Trust Deed
Trust Deed FAQs

How Does a Trust Deed Work?

A Trust Deed is a legally binding agreement between you and your creditors to pay back a portion of the money you owe over a set period of time (usually 4 years). At the end of the agreement, if you have followed the conditions of the arrangement, any remaining debt will be written off.  A Trust Deed needs to be

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Bankruptcy Sequestration
Sequestration FAQs

What is the Purpose of a Sequestration Order?

Sequestration is a form of bankruptcy that is only available in Scotland, however it is very similar to the version of bankruptcy available in the rest of the UK.  Sequestration is a form of insolvency designed to be used as a last resort, when a person is completely unable to repay their unsecured debt. You can enter into sequestration voluntarily or

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Minimal Asset Process
Minimal Asset Process FAQs

What is MAP Insolvency?

Minimal Asset Process is a type of bankruptcy only available in Scotland. It is designed to give those with debts they can’t repay within a reasonable amount of time a fresh start.   MAP is aimed at people with low incomes and few assets. It is cheaper and more straightforward than Sequestration.    Take a look at our Minimal Asset Process page to find

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Debt Arrangement Scheme
Debt Arrangement Scheme FAQs

Is a Debt Arrangement Scheme an Insolvency?

A DAS is not an insolvency.  Available only in Scotland, a DAS is a statutory Debt Management Plan. A DAS should be thought as a consolidation of debt that is then payable over an extended period of time.  Ultimately you will pay off your debt and it will not be written off. All fees, interest and charges are frozen on your

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