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Unsecured Debt

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What is Unsecured Debt?

Unsecured debt refers to any borrowing where the consumer hasn’t been required to add any assets as collateral. This means that should the borrower not be able to continue paying the loan, the lender would need to pursue the debt.


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Unsecured Debt Examples?

Unsecured Debt FAQs

Buy Now Pay Later Debt FAQs

Klarna Debt Help

Buy Now Pay Later providers are an ever growing presence when shopping online. One of the most common companies you will see is Klarna. Klarna allows its customers to either pay in 30 days time, or to split the cost of your purchase into 3 payments. The first payment will be taken straight away, followed

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Store Card Debt
Store Card Debt FAQs

Can Store Card Credit Cards Build Credit?

If used correctly, Store credit cards can help you to build your credit rating. This does mean that you will need to manage the account and pay at least the minimum payment consistentlly. If you are careful, many stores will also reward you with discounts and promotions etc. Most credit companies, including those that issue

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catalogue debts
Catalogue Debt FAQs

What happens if you don’t pay catalogue debts?

Failing to pay your debts can affect your credit rating in the same way as missing a loan repayment or credit card payment. If you fall behind with your catalogue repayments, in the first instance, your creditor will simply ask you to catch up with your arrears. If you are able to do this, then

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