Chandlers Enforcement Agents

Have You Been Contacted by Chandlers Enforcement?

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How Will Chandlers Enforcement Agents Chase My Debt?

Chandlers Enforcement Agents will often follow these steps to chase your debt:

  • You are likely to receive a phone call from Chandlers Enforcement Agents along with a letter. The letter will include details of the total amount of debt owed, along with any penalty charges applied (these are outlined above). You will also be given a tight deadline within which you will be expected to pay in full.

  • This could be followed by a home visit asking for payment in full or to seize items or vehicles from your property to the value of your debt.

  • If the debt isn’t paid before the deadline, then you will often be issued with a County Court Judgement (CCJ).

  • Threaten bankruptcy if the debt isn’t paid either with money or via the sale of your belongings.




0208 290 0866



Chandlers House, 2 Southlands Road, Bromley, Kent BR2 9QP

What Types of Debt do Chandlers Enforcement Agency Collect?

  • Council Tax
  • Non-domestic rates
  • Business debts
  • Statutory demands for bankruptcy
  • Arrest warrants, with or without bail for committal
  • Court fines
  • Housing benefit overpayments
  • Sundry debts
  • Former tenant arrears
  • Road Traffic debts
  • Pre-warrant collection
  • Commercial rent

What Are My Options?

Paying Chandlers Enforcement Agents is not your only option under these circumstances.

If you are being pursued, then it’s still not too late to seek debt help from IVA4Me.

Once you begin your IVA application, an IVA proposal will be sent to all your creditors, including your bailiffs. This will often result in your creditors ceasing their action.

Bailiff Fees that will be added to your debt:

  • Letter to inform you of the debt – £75
  • Home/Office Visit – £235
  • Removal/Selling of belongings – £110
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