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What Is a Debt Management Plan?

A Debt Management Plan is an agreement between you and your creditors to reduce your monthly payments. It isn’t a legally binding agreement but can be negotiated by you or a third party on your behalf. If you use a private debt solution company to negotiate, then they may charge you a fee to do so. It is worth noting that there are several debt charities that may provide this service for free.


Monthly payments are decided based on what you can reasonably afford and usually continue for an extended period of time.


Unlike an IVA or Trust Deed, none of the debt will be written off and you will be expected to pay them in full. Once agreed, all you need to do is keep up with the payments until the arrears are cleared.


Whilst a DMP is a relatively quick and immediate solution to debt problems, it will negatively affect your credit rating.

How Does It Work?

Depending on your circumstances and who your creditors are, a DMP can vary, but they should roughly follow these steps:


  • You decide whether to negotiate with the creditor yourself or to nominate a third party to act on your behalf.

  • Complete a budget and decide how much you can reasonably afford each month. If you use a third party then you may be asked to provide payslips, bills and other documents to help with the calculation of this.

  • The budget details will be sent to the creditor and they will choose whether or not to agree to the DMP. Once this has been agreed, they may also choose to freeze any interest or charges on your debt.

  • You then begin to make your new, agreed monthly payments. If you have chosen to use a DMP provider then you will often make one single payment to them and they will distribute it to your creditors.

  • If your creditors decide against allowing your DMP, then you may be eligible for an IVA, Trust Deed, Bankruptcy or Sequestration.

You could have 81% of your debt written off.

Do I Qualify?

There are no definitive conditions for a DMP; no minimum or maximum debt amount or number of creditors etc. However, you should consider whether you can afford the new repayments and whether that leaves you with enough breathing room to pay your priority bills.

A DMP is especially suitable for people who are going through a temporary issue with their finances but expect an improvement in the near future.

A DMP can include the following types of debt:


It will not be able to include:


Debt Management Plan Calculator

A Debt Management Calculator can help individuals to begin to understand the seriousness of their situation. For some, this can mean that they realise that, with some small adjustments to spending, they can clear their debts relatively easily, howver for others, it can signal that they need help.


Take a look at out Debt Help Calculator to see where you stand.

Write off up to 81% of your debt

If your phone is ringing

off the hook with

aggressive calls…

Contact us to see if you qualify for an IVA…


You could pay your remaining debt with one monthly payment and save £££.

What Are The Benefits?

  • Your DMP will not be recorded on the Public Insolvency Register

  • Your creditors will look favourably on your willingness to clear your debts

  • Creditors may freeze any interest or charges on your debt

  • This is a flexible agreement, do it can be changed and adapted to meet your needs, as long as the creditor agrees

  • Your monthly outgoings will be reduced

  • If you use a third party, they will deal with your creditors on your behalf

What Are the Downsides of a DMP?

  • It can take a long time to clear your debts

  • Your creditors may choose not to freeze interest and charges on your debt

  • Creditors can still contact you or take legal action against you

  • Some DMP providers will charge a fee

  • A DMP can negatively affect your credit rating

How To Get Out of Debt

If your debt is getting on top of you then a Debt Management Plan may be a suitable option. However, if you would like to discuss options with someone, contact IVA4Me.If you are struggling with debt and you don’t think you fit the conditions of a DRO, then contact us at IVA4Me for assistance.

Take The First Step Towards A Debt Free Life Today!

Debt Relief Order

Debt Management Plan FAQs

Debt Management Plan
Debt Management Plan FAQs

What is an Example of Debt Management?

For many of us, debt is a fact of life. If we want to purchase more expensive items like cars or mobile phones, then we can only do this with a finance agreement or a credit card. If you take out any kind of credit agreement, then debt management can become a very important part of your personal finances. There

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