Complaints Policy



Ashmore Business Services always strive to provide a high standard of service. However, if you are unhappy for any reason, we would welcome your feedback and the opportunity to put things right.


This policy explains how we will deal with any complaints we receive and outlines what you can do if your complaint is not resolved to your satisfaction.


If you have a complaint


If you are dissatisfied with any aspect of our service you can contact us by telephone or in writing:

Ashmore Business Services

1 Ashmore Ave

Cheadle Heath



Telephone: 0800 698 0174

Email: [email protected]


Complaints can be received by a customer, creditor or a third party representative.


To help us understand your concerns and investigate them as quickly as possible, you should provide your contact details, full details of your complaint, details of individuals that you have dealt with, how you believe that we can make it right and copies of any relevant paperwork.


What will happen with my complaint?


Upon receipt, your complaint will be passed to a manager who will aim to resolve your concerns within three working days. If this is posible, we will write to you to confirm the outcome.


If we are unable to resolve the complaint within three working days, we will refer your complaint to our Complaints department who will acknowledge your complaint and provide details of the person who will be dealing with your complaint.


Additional information may be requested to assist in our investigations. Once our investigations have been completed, usually within 4 weeks, we will send you a letter to detail the investigation and findings. If we are unable to send a final response to your complaint within 4 weeks, we will write to you to explain why additional time is needed to investigate your complaint. A final response will be issued to you within 8 weeks of the initial complaint.


The final response letter will confirm the outcome of the complaint and outline any action that has or will take place to put things right.

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