Debt Settlement Offer FAQs

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What Is a Reasonable Settlement Offer?

If you have debt that you have found difficult to cope with, but are fortunate enough to receive a windfall of money, whether through inheritance or a release of equity etc. a Debt Settlement Offer can be a great, cost effective way of clearing it down and starting again.

Debt Settlement Offer

What Percentage Should I Offer to Settle Debt?

If you have been lucky enough to receive a windfall of money and you want to use it to clear off some debt that has been troublesome in the past, then a Debt Settlement Offer can be a great way of doing so. A DSO involves contacting your individual lenders and ‘making them an offer’. The offer you make should obviously be lower than the actual amount you owe. Under the correct set of circumstances, your lender may consider it in their own best interests to take the money. But how much should you offer?

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